Ideas & Innovation

This is a place to imagine and engineer, to discover and excite, to learn and grow..

Addiction Recovery

In the beginning, relapse is almost a natural part of getting clean. Although, being on  the fence isn’t unusual either. Action doesn’t take place on the fenceline.

Mental Health

Do you know someone who suffers from mood disorder? Do you, yourself? There is a huge spectrum for which behavioral mental and mood disorders fall into. For example, there isn’t only ONE kind of depression nor is there only ONE kind of anxiety….from any kind of mental health condition, I can empathize,


Whether you make yourself unavailable to the general population. “Ghosting” is a new term that I’ve learned however, I’m told that it’s existed in slang-English for quite some time, these days…

Life is Tough, but SO ARE YOU...

If my father taught me anything, he taught me to choose a pathway something I really enjoy or love to do. Something, that thoroughly piques your curiosity, and invokes a sense of 'joy' within.

A few of my favorite Affirmations